Hi you fabulous human,

Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there. ~ Rumi 

The familiar connection between each of us is that we're human, we have feelings and choices and the opportunity to make changes at any moment. It's the decisions we make and the mindset we hold which changes everything. 


So about me.. currently, I'm based in L.A. teaching yoga and meditation, running an incredible yoga studio in Venice Beach. I’m a writer and excited to be working on my first book, which I’m submitting my book proposal to Hay House Publishing in April 2020. I host and facilitate international wellness retreats. I’m a reiki master and relationship coach. I hold space for you to journey the depth of your inner self to transform.

Years of training, education and simply living through my own trails, I'm excited to walk this journey with you. My Dharma in this life, is to hold space for you to feel deeply loved and safe which will help to support you to open your wings and fly

Get ready, we're going to FLY to this magical island, open our hearts and embrace ALL that's waiting for us. LFE AND SO MUCH LOVE!